About Us


Vairochana Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a residential community based in Chorlton, Manchester.   We are a registered charity and member of the New Kadampa Tradition International Kadampa Buddhist Union.   www.kadampa.org


We have been successfully running meditation classes in Manchester for 20 years.   Our current Centre is a beautiful 1850’s detached house that has a purpose built meditation room.


We run weekly classes, courses, open days and many different events and activities throughout Greater Manchester.  Our aim is to provide the people of Greater Manchester the opportunity to develop inner peace and happiness through listening too, reading, contemplating and meditating on Buddha’s teachings.  Whether you are a beginner at meditation or have been practising for a while we provide various study programmes and opportunities to get involved.




If you have a few hours to spare a week or would like to help on a one week basis we can always find lots of variety to get involved in from cleaning to building to publicity/marketing to helping in our  World Peace Cafe.



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