Love Without Pain – 11 Feb

shutterstock_170148350 1995mb10:30 – 1pm

Suitable for Beginners

£12 (adv) or £14 (day)

with Principal Teacher Gen Lhachog

Venue: 125 Portland Street, M1 4QD

“Most relationships between people are based on a mixture of love and attachment”

“This is not pure love for it is based on a desire for our own happiness – we value the other person because they make us feel good.  Pure love is unmixed with attachment and stems entirely from a concern for others’ happiness. It never gives rise to problems but only to peace and happiness for ourself and others.  We need to remove attachment from our minds, but this does not mean we need to abandon our relationships.  Rather we should learn to distinguish attachment from love, and gradually try to remove all the traces of attachment from our relationships and to improve our love until it becomes pure”.

from How To Transform Your Life (download the free ebook at