7.30 – 9pm on Mondays with Ally

at Flixton House Flixton Road, M41 6GJ

Each week is self-contained and drop-in.  The class consists of guided meditations, a talk, discussion and refreshments. Explore practical methods that can be applied in daily life to overcome your problems and find contentment and happiness. Suitable for everyone.

£6 per class (£4conc.)
These can be attended as a block or you can drop-in to any of the sessions. Every class is suitable for beginners.



Combat Stress…

Learn how Buddhist meditation, combined with a change in our perspective on life, can enable us to reduce and finally eliminate stress. By applying this advice in our daily life we will come to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful mind.

Mar 31  …for a healthy lifestyle
Apr 7      …to improve relationships


Self -Esteem

Develop positive happy states of mind, and be a positive influence on those around us by improving our self-esteem.

Apr 28 Why do we lack confidence?
May 5  Stop judging ourself and others
May 12  Be happy, relaxed and inspired


2 week break for NKT – IKBU International Spring Festival


Creating Positive Change

Discover the power of a pure mind to bring peace to yourself & others.

Jun 2  Meet outer problems with inner calm
Jun 9  Constant Craving
Jun 16  Stop negative thoughts
Jun 23  Create a positive focus



How to solve our inner problems

Find permanent inner peace by overcoming our negative states of mind.

Jun 30  What to do when things go wrong
Jul 7  Dealing with discouragement
Jul 14  Overcoming anxiety
Jul 21  Stress free summer


 3 week break for NKT -IKBU International Summer Festival



Meditation and Mindfulness

How to maintain good intentions to make our daily life peaceful & rewarding.

Aug 21  Mindfulness & Concentration
Aug 28 Developing our meditation experience
Sep 4  Self Improvement through Meditation
Sep 11  Mindfulness in Daily Life



Improving our Connections with Others

Improve harmony and reduce frustration in all your relationships.
 Sep 15        Recognising our common wish
Sep 22         Seeing the world from another perspective
Sep 29        Learning to care
Oct   6         Wishing others to be happy



Understanding the Mind

Discover the power of a pure mind to bring peace to yourself & others.

Oct 20          Calming the Mind
Oct 27          Focusing the Mind
Nov 3            Sharpening the Mind
Nov 10         Opening the Mind



Modern Buddhism

Introducing how Buddhist wisdom can benefit our busy lives.

Nov 17   finding Inner Peace
Nov 24  enjoy a meaningful life
Dec 1 contentment
Dec 8     living life lightly



Dec 15   Surviving Christmas